On your first visit, you will begin by sitting down with Dr. Brooke Frye to discuss your health history in great detail.  You may be asked questions that, to you, seem unrelated to your current condition, but are pertinent in determining the underlying cause of your complaints.  Do not be surprised if you are asked about food/beverage cravings, what seasons you feel the best/worst, any traumas you have experienced in the past (physical and/or emotional), your specific sleep patterns, etc.  Following the consultation, Dr. Frye will use a hand-held instrument to measure the frequency moving through each of the Acupuncture Meridians.  This will allow her to see which Meridians are affected and could be contributing to your ailing health.  All of this information will enable her to choose the best Acupuncture points for treatment.

An Acupuncture treatment typically lasts 20-25 minutes.  Frequency of treatments will vary with each patient and will be discussed at your first visit.