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Meet the Team


Kelly began working at FRYE Functional Health Center in November of 2011.  Kelly primarily works the front desk, so she will more than likely be the smiling face greeting you when you walk through our doors.  She will help schedule your appointments, fill your supplement orders, and provide you with tips for clean eating along the way.  Kelly also manages the coordination of our long distance nutrition program for those patients that do not live in our area, but still wish to be treated by Dr. Frye.  Kelly is a great person to talk to if you need help incorporating dietary changes into your child’s life, as she herself has three children that she raises in this manner.  She has a passion for natural healing and loves what we do at the office.  She turned to natural wellness in 2010 when the western medical approach was no longer helping her.

Kelly is happily engaged to Tony and has three children: Ayla, Regan, and Reese.  She loves being a mom, exercising, cooking, reading, and helping people understand the importance of food and what you put into your body.


Billie Jo

Billie Jo began working at FRYE Functional Health Center in March of 2015.  She and her husband Chaz have been married since 2005, and reside in Bunker Hill with their son Castor.  Billie Jo was told multiple times as a young woman by medical doctors that she could never have children, but just one month after following Dr. Frye’s testing and treatment protocol, she found out she was pregnant.  She knows firsthand the amazing healing that comes from the type of care offered at FRYE Functional Health Center.

Billie Jo’s journey with holistic health began when she was 15 years old, when she opted to take a weightlifting class as opposed to prescription medication to help with her anxiety.  This is something she continues to do in her spare time.  She has taken this to the next level, and now helps others by being a fitness coach.

Over ten years ago she chose to take a clean eating, whole food approach to her diet. The combination of the dietary change and her passion for fitness has helped to change her physically, mentally, and emotionally for the better.

Billie Jo educates and guides patients through dietary and lifestyle changes in our office.  This includes teaching the individualized Paleo Plus/Primal dietary plans we recommend for our patients to help balance their biochemistry while achieving and maintaining health.  She is also an invaluable resource for those going through the SHAPE ReClaimed program, as she herself has achieved success in the program.  She can understand the personal struggles and successes that people go through when trying to alter their relationship with food.  Her hope is that she can help guide people through this transition to find a new level of wellness through the help of our office and everything offered to them here.

“I absolutely love what I do here.  Showing people that good health is something they CAN have in this crazy, fast, and busy world we live in is a blessing to me.  I love the amount of compassion that the doctors have with each patient and that we have the opportunity to come to work and help educate people about true health….well, there just isn’t anything better.”



Abbey began working at FRYE Functional Health Center in September of 2017. She is one of our holistic health coaches, guiding and supporting patients through dietary and lifestyle changes here in our office.  She educates them on the Page Diet, keeps close contact with those patients participating in the SHAPE ReClaimed program, and provides a listening ear and helpful suggestions to patients throughout their journey.

At 23 years old, she found herself overweight, depressed, fighting daily aches and pains, and completely dependent on caffeine to get through the day.  It was in February of 2017 that she finally decided to take responsibility for her health and make a change.

She started living a Primal/Paleo lifestyle and was transformed physically, mentally, and emotionally by her journey.  The daily aches and pains vanished, she got down to a healthy weight, had energy that lasted her through the day, and felt more happy and free than ever before.

Abbey believes that food is medicine and is very passionate about helping to encourage and support others in finding their way down their path to clean eating and holistic living.  As a young mother, she’s had to make eating clean work on a budget an is full of tips and tricks for how to do so wile not emptying your wallet.

She lives in Collinsville with her long-term boyfriend, Clayton, and their daughter Lily.  When she is not in the office, she is usually at the local farmers’ market, riding bikes with her family, volunteering, or watching Frozen with her daughter for the 100th time.