Clinical Nutrition

Our foundational medical testing procedure that we utilize to understand each patient’s unique biochemistry is the Hair Mineral Analysis.  Patients have the option to have the Hair Mineral Analysis test performed first and then have the results and necessary treatment discussed at your initial consultation with Dr. Frye or patients can schedule their initial consultation with Dr. Frye first prior to having the Hair Mineral Analysis testing performed.   Dr. Frye may also recommend blood, saliva, or food sensitivity testing, or incorporate the Heart Sound Recorder into his examination in order for him to gain as much information as possible to make a proper therapeutic treatment plan.  This treatment plan may include nutritional supplements, dietary changes, and/or stress modification techniques.

It is imperative for the patient to understand that achieving and maintaining health is a continuum and a long-term commitment, as it is an ongoing practice that is challenged daily by environmental, emotional, chemical, physical, and energetic challenges.